HME450 500


Original technical features of EQUIPRO

The pumps of this original Argal product are made in thermoplastic techno polymers;
are close-coupled, vertical axis, axial hydraulic suction connection directed downward and tangential outlet either free or connected to vertical outlet piping.


All components of the pumps wetted by the liquid pumped deliver excellent chemical resistance and are manufactured in PP or PVDF:

  • PP polypropylene , thermoplastic U.V. stabilised;
  • PVDF Vynilidene polyfluoride.


  • HME have fix length of 275 or 450 mm, overhung guideless shaft, and do not suffer permanent failures from pumping liquid laden with solids or crystallised particles or occasionally run dry.
  • KME, have fix length of 60080010001250,1500 mm and shaft guided with sliding guide bushings system available in different combination of materials and such to meet the characteristics of the liquid pumped.
    Shaft guide bushings are available in the following combination of materials:
  1. Glass reinforced PTFE over Alumina Ceramics for general purpose use included liquid containing crystals and floccules;
  2. Silicium carbide over Silicium carbide for liquid laden with significant qty. of solids or to cope with aggressive fluorinated liquids or strong alkali.


Designed to pump aggressive liquids are characterised by solutions to deliver long and functional operative life:

  • No metallic part wet by the liquid pumped;
  • No need of sealing systems to contain spilling of liquid pumped;
  • Fitted with vapour sealing system capable to operate dry either in static or dynamic
    condition and to counter pressure up to 60 mbar.
  • Available on request with a bottom filter screwed on the suction with free passages of 3 mm.


  • PP execution threaded BSP and on demand, NPT or flanged ISO/ANSI;
  • PVDF execution flanged ISO o ANSI.


  • The innovative design with two halves base bracket , allows wide access to the coupling joint between the shaft of the pump and the shaft of the standard electric motor and eases maintenance and repair operations.
  • Each pump model can be configured in three different version ( N – P – S ) with electric motors of increasing rated power , to met the power demand arose by pumping liquids with specific gravity respectively up to 1.1 – 1.35 – 1.8 kg/dm3.


HME: Designed to function either in fixed installations with pump body immersed in basins, tanks, collecting wells, reservoirs. or with pump body outside of the tank, requires in the latter case addition of an auxiliary discharge connection pipe between pumps’ column and tank.

KME: Designed to function in fixed installations with pump body immersed in basins, tanks, collecting wells, reservoirs

Curves & Technical Specifications

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